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I am Tishon Marcus Anthony of Marcus & Warren Studios I am the co creator of visuals with a focus on motion picture and styling. As a young child I found myself sneaking to stay up late watching ‘Fashion TV’, music videos on MuchMusic, BET & MTV on mute so I wouldn’t get caught. Focused on only the visual aspects I would get lost into how every angle was shot and always wondered what it would be in the pit of a show behind the lens. Idolizing all the fabulous Garments, camera angles, models, their movements on the runway. I’d dream and sketch out fashion show ideas, plans, Garments inspired by Project Runway.  I always dreamt of how one day I could be involved in the photography or fashion industry. It is a dream to be able to create an Inclusive, Diverse Studio with my partner as photography, exploration of art & fashion started our relationship. 

In the early years of my experimenting with photography you’d catch me with a camera around my neck taking shots with any opportunity available. I’d direct heavily posed photoshoots with my friends and family, always in abstract/ unconventional places. I found using cityscapes or outdoor landscapes as a background really enhanced the images I would capture. Still to this day at Marcus & Warren Studios we have that point of view that sticks beauty in unconventional spaces. 
Using my perspective of motion imagery I’d like to provide others with a similar sensory experience that I grew up with. Being able to provide an experience where you feel like you’re immersed in what you are viewing is what we strive for.

we provide our viewers with a full sensory experience 


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We build concepts that transport our audience

My name is Kyle Warren Gardiner of Marcus & Warren Studios and I am also the co creator with a focus on photogra also co founder and creative. Fashion & Photography have always been something I have always been passionate about. I remember when I was 9 years old, we were asked present our history project in front of class. on the Fashions of Ancient Greece, instead of brittle boards and handouts I put on my first fashion show.  That is why today I grind everyday to make sure that little boys and girls like me, see themselves represented. I feel honoured to be in the drivers seat of vehicle headed in the direction of change. This gives us the opportunity to build concepts that transport our audience and create new realities. We control every aspect of our projects and have the abilities to produce, style and capture content for our clients.  Our ability to connect with the talent, the brands and the teams we work with allows us to create digital magic. Honestly, I am still in aw that my childhood dreams are coming true. To anyone feeling alone or too different, you are not! I am here, you are prefect! You never be alone again. DMs are always open <3


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